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We create photorealistic CGIs

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01 We are a group of polish architects with extensive experience in creating photorealistic computer generated images for international clients. Our main focus is on buildings, interiors, landscape design and products.

02 As we are based in Poland we offer you competitive prices whilst not compromising on the quality of the final product. Our London based representatives will meet you to discuss your project in detail.

03 We respect your time. Years of experience have honed our process, ensuring prompt delivery of quality product.

Our services

Exterior CGI

No matter what scale of a project, we build and visualize single family house extensions to large developments. We have experience in producing high quality housing, commercial, office buildings images...

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Interior CGI

We love interiors. We create the smallest detail with precision. We also know how to operate with light and shadow to emphasize the character of a space to our best understanding of the designer’s intention.

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Landscape CGI

Spaces between the buildings are as important as buildings themselves. We create images of green spaces: public parks, recreational areas and private gardens.

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Product CGI

Whether you are a bespoke furniture designer or just started your new jewellery line, we are here to help. There is nothing better than a perfect CGI to present and sell your design before you invest in actual production.

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Depending on the client's need we can create a bird's eye view or top view of a building and its surroundings or a master plan. We will insert the proposed development seamlessly into the photography.

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Tell us about your idea!

We have worked with architects, designers, artists who told us about their idea. We have worked together to understand the vision and how we want to present it.

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